"Zombies" painted vintage wig mannequins

"Damaged" art doll with doll-face mask

"Tooth Scary" doll with human tooth inside an antique apothecary bottle  (sold)

"The Sleepwalker".  Doll head on recycled artist's mannequin  (sold)

Step up, ladies and gentlemen, for you will not believe your eyes!    Inside this very room you will see things that will delight you or repulse you.   it is what happens when a simple discarded doll is transformed into something from our darkest imaginations.   From beauty most delicate to the spawn of your nightmares, you will find them in the FREAK SHOW! 

Freak Show Dolls

"Sylvester" art doll with recycled toy dinosaur.  Featured in Art Doll Quarterly August 2015

Painted doll parts with recycled candelabra  (sold)

Distressed clown from recycled thrift store doll

"Pincushion" bisque doll (sold).  Specimen-style doll heads in background